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Research furthers efforts to empower women to achieve their personal and professional goals

The Center for Women in Business conducts research with leading institutions to explore women’s business issues and highlight their economic potential.

The Honorable Margaret Spellings, former president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, says, "For 100 years, the Chamber has consistently promoted and supported the cause of free enterprise. Successful businesswomen personify free enterprise and it is central to the Center for Women in Business that we support women as they work to achieve their professional goals and potential."

Our research agenda furthers that mission.

Women-Owned Businesses

advancingThe Center for Women in Business is pleased to present our latest research highlighting the growing impact of women entrepreneurs and small business owners on the American economy. We look at how women like Fulton, Ambrose-Burbank, and Brown are reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. In particular, we examine the “1099 economy” and the women who have started their own micro-enterprises either out of choice or necessity. The research also provides powerful examples of systems and programs that encourage and support women’s business initiatives in communities around the United States.

Though this report is a mere snapshot of what is going on in our nation, we are sure you will agree that women are impacting how business gets done in America.

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Advancing Women to the Top

advancingAdvancing Women to the Top is CWB's second report. We focus on the state of women’s leadership and the business imperative for maximizing the potential of women across industries and organizations.

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Women in Leadership

 A Look at Companies in the S&P MidCap 400 Index, 2000-2010


Women in Leadership was CWB’s first report, released in 2012. CWB worked with Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business to examine women’s participation and compensation in the top management ranks of S&P small-cap 600, S&P mid-cap 400, and S&P large-cap 500 companies.

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Moving mind-sets on gender diversity

By McKinsey&Company

To ensure that corporate culture supports—not hinders—the ability of women to reach top management, companies must address mind-sets and develop a more inclusive, holistic diversity agenda.

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2013 Annual Report

By the National Women's Business Council


The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is a non-partisan federal advisory council created to serve as an independent source of advice and counsel to the President, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration on economic issues of importance to women business owners.

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The Millennial Generation Research Review

By the National Chamber Foundation

millennialThis report provides a summary of the research done on the Millennial generation since 2009. Generational cohorts are just one way to categorize a group of people with similarities—in this case, the era in which individuals were born and when they came of age. We will use the birth years of 1980 to 1999 here to define the Millennial cohort. Sources, though, are inconsistent, with as many as 21 different birth spans referenced.

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2020 Women on Boards - Gender Diversity Index

By 2011–2013 Progress of Women Corporate Directors by State, Sector and Size of Company

Third annual 2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index of Fortune 1000 Companies.

Women in Leadership: How Smart are You?

By Ernst&Young

Contents include "The tipping point is here," "Moving from the stupid to the smart curve," and "What does it take to improve gender equality."

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in the Boardroom

By Paul Hastings

Paul Hastings presents the third edition of Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in the Boardroom, a comprehensive global survey of how countries are addressing the issue of gender parity on corporate boards.

2012 Board Index

By Spencer Stuart

Pioneering Women on Boards: Pathways of the First Femal Directors

By Stanford University